WELCOME. Your one stop shop for elegant gifts that are handcrafted from recycled materials and totally free of wood particles. Pulp from cotton fabric rags and other recycled materials such as straw, jute, wool fibres, sugar cane pulp, flower petals and grass are used. No chemicals, resins or acids are used during any step of the manufacturing process. After papers are solar dried, skilled craftsmen work their magic to make all the product selections we offer.

Our selection of Soap Stone Candle Holders give you the look, weight and feel of marble in pastel and bright colors at a fraction of the cost. Soap Stone is a natural material found beneath the earth's surface.

Retail customers can shop 24/7 with our secure server. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED or your money back less shipping and handling charges. Wholesale enquiries always welcome.

Thank you for visiting our site. If you are looking for a specific item not listed, contact us Mandys3hp@aol.com

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